Jake Roberts Says The Elite Are Better Than The Bloodline

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A WWE Hall of Famer, Jake Roberts, is going with The Elite as the better group over The Bloodline.

The former two-time AEW Trios Tag Team Champions known as The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) are apparently better than The Bloodline’s Roman Reigns & The Usos. That’s according to WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who happens to work for AEW.

During a recent episode of the Cafe de Rene podcast with former WWE superstar Rene Dupree, Jake Roberts was asked by a fan: “Which trio is better, Omega and The Young Bucks or Roman Reigns and The Usos?” This is how Jake replied.

“Oh, Kenny. Kenny and The Bucks without a doubt. I think Kenny Omega is f**king unbelievable. He is f**king on spot. I don’t like a lot of stuff The Young Bucks do but brother they’re doing it and getting away with it.”

When Rene said “whatever works, I guess” Roberts had a comment about how The Young Bucks stay in the ring longer than you are supposed to be in a tag team match.

“Wait a minute, I thought this was a tag team match. F**k, they’re in the ring together for three minutes.”

In AEW tag team matches, you are supposed to leave the ring about ten seconds after making a tag while it’s about five seconds in WWE. In AEW, they are not very strict regarding the rules in matches, which is something that WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley has criticized as well.

While Roberts didn’t pick Roman Reigns and The Usos, those guys are doing just fine. Reigns has been WWE Universal Champion for over 900 days and the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion for the past 11 months. Meanwhile, The Usos have passed 600 days as Smackdown Tag Team Champions and they hold the Raw Tag Team Titles as well.

In addition to their title reigns, Reigs and The Usos are regularly in WWE main event segments while The Bloodline is constantly praised for the storyline they have been a part of over the last three years.

The Elite trio of Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are also Executive Vice Presidents in the company. Omega is a former AEW World Champion while The Young Bucks are former AEW Tag Team Champions as well.

You can hear Jake’s comments at the 30:40 mark in the clip below.

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