WWE Hall Of Famer On Donald Trump & Joe Biden – “I Could Whip Them Both”

Donald Trump Joe Biden

WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura is no stranger to politics having served as Mayor of Brooklyn Park and Governor of Minnesota but would The Body ever have a run at The White House and potentially go up against both Joe Biden and Donald Trump?

Speaking in an interview on AdFreeShows, Jesse Ventura was asked if he had his sights set on a potential tilt at the presidency and says it’s something he’d have to really consider if approached:

“I’m here. Do I have anything in place? No. I want people to know Jesse Ventura is simply a citizen. I don’t have a staff. I don’t have gophers.

“I don’t have people hired, but I’m here, and if say, the Forward party with Andrew Yang, if they approached me to be a candidate, I will say this. I would have to give any, if it was reasonable, if it was the Libertarians, the Forward party, if they had national – if they had the ability to win, which means they have to have ballot access in enough states to become the president, I would have to give it its due consideration, wouldn’t I? Because as I look at my country today, I’m still a patriotic individual.”

Ventura then went on to predict that the 2024 US Presidential election will come down to a rematch between Donald Trump and incumbent Joe Biden, and says he could whip both men at the same time in the debates:

“The one thing that always will rise up in the back of my mind when it comes to that is this. It’ll come down to if it’s feasible, I’ll always ask myself this question, ‘If not you, then who?’ So until I see, the who, I’ll always give it its due consideration and right now, I’m seeing a rematch between Trump and Biden. In typical Jesse mode, I could whip either one of them and I could whip them both at the same time. All I need is the ballot access and let me in the debates.

“Then the question comes, ‘At my age, do I really want to finish my life doing that sh*t?’ But then again, there it is, but if not you, then who?, and if you’re a person like me, I sometimes tend to believe in destiny. I think that if it’s destined for Jesse to run for president, then something will happen that will make that happen, and if it doesn’t happen, then it wasn’t destiny.”

Donald Trump and Jesse Ventura have come face to face before with Ventura interviewing Trump during WrestleMania 20 back in 2004.