WWE Hall Of Famer Didn’t Anticipate Massive Popularity Of Classic 5-Star Match

WWE Hall Of Famer Didn't Anticipate Massive Popularity Of Classic 5-Star Match

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels reflected on his legendary ladder match with Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania X, sharing his amazement at the match’s enduring legacy.

In an interview with “Sportsnet,” Michaels expressed his disbelief that the bout would become such a significant moment in WWE history.

The rivalry between Michaels and Ramon is celebrated for its thrilling ladder matches. At WrestleMania X, “The Heartbreak Kid” faced off against “The Bad Guy,” ultimately suffering a loss. However, redemption came nearly a year and a half later at SummerSlam 1995, where Michaels triumphed over Ramon in another exhilarating contest.

Michaels spoke fondly of these encounters, emphasising the groundbreaking nature of their WrestleMania X match. He also reflected on his earlier participation in WWE’s first ladder match with Bret Hart.

Scott and I, when we went in there that first time, certainly from a pay-per-view standpoint, even Bret and I, having the very first one, I don’t think anybody at that time thought it would become everything that it has become. Back then we just went out there trying to have the best match that we could. This was a new concept at the time.

The WWE legend also expressed pride in the lasting impact of these early ladder matches.

Very proud that I feel like those matches still kind of stand the test of time.

Michaels stated.

Being the original ones is certainly a phenomenal concept, and like everything in the WWE, they have made it bigger and better and more extravagant.

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