WWE Hall Of Famer Hits Back At Criticism Of New Title

Seth Rollins Cody Rhodes WWE World Title

The tournament to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion kicked off on Raw but don’t let Booker T catch you calling it a secondary title.

Triple H introduced the new WWE World Heavyweight Title ahead of the 2023 draft with whichever brand didn’t end up with the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns who has been unbeatable for close to 1,000 days as champion getting the new title and a new champion.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T has taken issue with any suggestion that the belt is in any way secondary to the title held by Reigns and thinks a world champion is a world champion:

“I don’t look at it that way, I just don’t, I just can’t, you know, find myself looking at the title being a secondary title or anything like that. I think pulling the trigger and separating the championship and making, you know, one (for one) brand, one for the other, I think that’s good for everybody.

“People saying that this is a secondary championship, they’ve never been in that position where they were bestowed upon them the title of champion. World champion. That right there for a young kid in this business is something that he dreams of forever.”

While Booker T was a five-time WCW World Champion one of those runs came during his early days in WWE. His only other world title win in the company came in 2006 when – as King Booker – he captured the World Heavyweight Championship for four months. At that time the WHC was considered by many as secondary to the WWE Championship which was held by Edge and John Cena during Booker’s reign.

Seth Rollins became the first man to progress to the final of the tournament to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions. He will be joined by one of six men from SmackDown to fight over that new title in Saudi Arabia.

h/t Wrestling Inc.