WWE Hall Of Famer Says Contract Is “Coming Up Pretty Soon”

WWE Hall Of Famer Responds To Accusations That They Politicked Their Way To World Title

A WWE veteran has given an update on their contract status.

After returning to the NXT announce desk in late 2022 Booker T has been having the time of his life. His commentary might not be for everyone, but there’s no doubt the Hall of Famer is enjoying what he does, as he tries to pass that enthusiasm onto viewers at home.

Although the veteran had previously said his current contract had several years to run, potentially lasting until 2029, new comments have painted a different picture.

While appearing at River City Wrestling Con (via News4JAX) the former World Champion said his contract will be “coming up pretty soon.”

“I’m just having fun. I think it’s about having fun, more than anything. Wrestling, especially the NXT brand, if you’re watching it and you’re listening to me, and we’re having fun, we’re winning. I think right now, NXT is hot, everybody is geared to going out and performing and performing to try to make it to the next level, and if I can have any part in the guys making it to the next level, I’m gonna have some fun.

Contract should be coming up here pretty soon, and [laughs] we can get a little bit like Sexyy Red. Shake it real fast, get a little more.”

Ricochet Bows Out On WWE Raw

WWE contracts have been a hot topic in recent weeks and months, with several stars having deals expiring. While Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins have signed monster new deals, Becky Lynch is currently a free agent after letting her contract expire.

Meanwhile, Ricochet was written off television on Raw with a brutal assault from Bron Breakker. It might have been Ricochet who instigated the brawl but Breakker for the upper hand, lawn-darting him into a production truck backstage in echoes of what Kevin Nash did to Rey Mysterio back in WCW. The former NXT Champion then slammed Ricochet through a car windscreen.

Ricochet’s contract is set to expire within the next few weeks with the star widely expected to join AEW.

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