WWE Hall Of Famer Blasts Seth Rollins For “Killing Credibility”

Seth Rollins

One WWE Hall of Famer explained how Seth Rollins “killed the credibility” of one of his recent matches.

The main event of WWE Fastlane saw Seth Rollins defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura in a brutal last man standing match. The bout lasted nearly 30 minutes with both men taking considerable damage, and in the end, Rollins was able to retain his title.

The next night on Raw, Rollins was smiling and laughing as he addressed the crowd in attendance, not showing signs of the beating he’d taken the night before. Speaking on a recent edition of Busted Open, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray took Rollins to task for his behavior, questioning why he didn’t even walk with a limp or show that he was hurting.

“These are the things that annoy me. You killed the credibility of the match, and the believability of the [back] injury. You killed everything Shinsuke Nakamura did to you — bumps off of ladders, going through tables, falcon arrows through tables … everything … and not even a limp? Not even a grabbing of the shoulder? Common! We all know the WWE and Seth Rollins are smarter than that.”

Bully Ray “Sick And Tired” Of Wrestlers Like Seth Rollins Not Selling Damage

Continuing, the Dudley Boy blasted Rollins for dancing and not having a “stoic look” on his face to sell the gravity of his bout with Nakamura. According to Ray, the scene sent a “we don’t care about the Fastlane match” message to its audience. Ray continued:

“I’m sick and tired of the lack of selling in this industry. Whether it’s selling in the ring in the moment, or selling afterward. It is just uncalled for. This is not ‘old man screaming at the clouds’ — this is what’s right.”

Seth Rollins was confronted by former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre on the October 9th episode of Raw, setting up his next challenge and putting his Fastlane bout with Nakamura firmly in the rearview mirror. Bully Ray criticized that move as well, saying:

“All you did last night was tell me, ‘Forget about Fastlane.’ And that’s the truth.”

h/t WrestlingInc