WWE Hall of Famer Says We’re Seeing The Best Finn Balor Right Now

Finn Balor

A longtime WWE personality is singing Finn Balor’s praises following Balor’s recent work with the Judgment Day faction.

Balor, formerly known as Prince Devitt, has been with WWE for more or less a decade. In that time, he has won numerous titles, had many top matches, and had his fair share of WrestleMania moments.

At the same time, some fans have questioned how he has been used. Despite his in-ring skills, Balor has largely been relegated to losing big matches and playing a stereotypical underhanded heel.

Then there’s his Demon alter-ego, which was incredibly popular in NXT but not so much on the main roster.

With such a checkered career, some fans have wondered what the future holds for Balor. But one person being optimistic about Balor’s future in the company is Booker T, who lauded Balor on a recent episode of his Hall of Fame podcast.

“I love ‘The Demon,’ but ‘The Demon’ don’t compare to this Finn Balor, he really don’t … Finn Balor is doing some of his best work right now.

I was like, ‘Oh man, I like this Finn Balor, this dude right here, this is the guy.’ The thing is, we know Finn Balor can fly. We know he can do all of the moves he can do the flips, he can do the dives and all of that.

But this guy here that we’re seeing is the Finn Balor that’s going to work main event level perhaps from this part of his career on.”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription

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