The WWE Hall Of Famer Who Said They “Enjoyed Beating The Hell Out Of” A Legend’s Relative

The WWE Hall Of Famer Who Said They

The WWE’s grandest stage, WrestleMania, has continually captivated audiences worldwide with its electrifying blend of athleticism, showmanship, and larger-than-life moments.

The first WrestleMania, held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, featured a star-studded lineup, including a main event where Mr. T teamed up with Hulk Hogan against ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper and Mr. Wonderful. Amidst the undercard of this historic event was David Sammartino, son of the iconic wrestler Bruno Sammartino, who remains the longest-reigning WWE Champion in history.

David’s debut in the WWE in September 1984, under the guidance of his father, led to significant attention and a notable push in both tag team and singles competition. His participation in the inaugural WrestleMania in March 1985, where he faced Brutus Beefcake, marked a pivotal moment in his career.

In a 2000 interview with RF Video, Title Match Wrestling documented Beefcake’s reflections on David Sammartino, shedding light on the significance of their match and the impact of the “Living Legend’s” son on this historic event.

“It was exciting… It was the start of celebrities and meeting people. And Madison Square Gardens is an incredible place to work. The electricity and excitement of just being there. Much less going to the ring with David Sammartino with Bruno Sammartino, the “Living Legend” y’know, in his corner with him there… You just had chills when you went out to the ring. And it was great. They had a good plan for me and took care of me. And I enjoyed every minute of beating the hell out of David Sammartino!”

The contest concluded in a double disqualification as a result of an altercation implicating both wrestlers and their managers. This chain of events triggered a sequence of tag team matches designed to elevate David’s career, ultimately prompting Bruno Sammartino to emerge from retirement.

“We wrestled Bruno in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Couldn’t have been a tougher pill for him to swallow to put Beefcake over… and Johnny V! Him and his son. Well, him and his son weren’t getting on too well either. They ended up parting of the ways you might say. So the thing with David and I didn’t really last a long time but it was a good run for me and definitely helped start Beefcake on his way and give him a good springboard there.”

David Sammartino’s tenure in the WWE was relatively brief. While he frequently participated in high-profile matches alongside his father, he typically competed in preliminary matches when not associated with Bruno. One of his noteworthy WWE appearances occurred at the Philadelphia Spectrum on November 22nd 1985, where he faced jobber Ron Shaw in a match that ended controversially. Sammartino’s swift defeat raised questions within the wrestling community at the time and garnered significant attention.

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