WWE Hall Of Fame Tag Team Leaves Jake Roberts Baffled: “Just Insane”

WWE Hall Of Fame Tag Team Leaves Jake Roberts Baffled:

Jake Roberts shared his initial shock and candid thoughts on the distinctive wrestling style of WWE Hall of Famers, The Bushwackers.

In a recent episode of The Snake Pit with Jake Roberts, Roberts expressed his surprise at The Bushwackers’ aggressive and rugged approach to wrestling upon their arrival in WWE. During the podcast, he vividly described them as “rough, tough, rumble-tumble, street-fight guys,” highlighting the stark departure their wrestling style represented at the time. Roberts recalled his initial reaction with candour, stating:

What a rough, tough, rumble-tumble, street-fight guys they were. And when they started doing all that stuff they were doing, I was like ‘Who the f**k is that? And why? And what are they f**king doing?’ I thought it was just insane.

Initially known as The New Zealand Sheepherders, The Bushwackers underwent a transformation that solidified their legacy in the wrestling world. Roberts noted that their earlier persona was even more intense, reflecting a raw and unyielding approach to their craft. However, the shift in their wrestling style with the adoption of The Bushwackers moniker was a strategic move that Roberts credited with prolonging their careers. He explained:

Hell, it added years to their careers, man. Because their style was so rough on the body, and they were like street fighting and it was rough on it. Took its toll.

The wrestling community recently mourned the loss of Bushwacker Butch who passed away at the age of 73 in March 2023.

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