WWE Hall Of Famer’s Own Son Has No Interest In Father’s Documentary

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One former WWE star is not interested in sitting down to watch a documentary about their own father and says the company didn’t care about them.

It was back in late 2020 that reports surfaced saying WWE was in the process of making a documentary on WWE Hall of Famer The British Bulldog. As with many other WWE projects at that time, delays hampered any progress and the documentary has still not been seen.

However, WWE confirmed that the documentary will form an episode of the Biography: WWE Legends series on the A&E Network. One person who won’t be watching it, however, is Bulldog’s own son Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. In No Rush To See WWE Documentary

Speaking to Kenny McIntosh for Inside The Ropes, Davey Boy Smith Jr. explained that while he’s excited to see the documentary finally air, he won’t be watching it himself as he believes WWE didn’t care enough about his father to get it out much earlier:

I am excited. Yeah, I mean, I’m excited for the fans. I mean, It’s just been such a long time, all these unnecessary delays. so I am glad to see it.

I don’t really care to watch it honestly. I’ve been interviewed for it so many times and did them some favours, and was interviewed for free many times by them, I don’t really care. But then they never aired it so obviously they didn’t care so I really couldn’t give a sh*t about watching it myself.

I said there’s lots of great stuff from my dad on YouTube and great memories that I have of him in Japan and WCW wrestling Vader. I’m glad they’re doing it but it’s long overdue and they just kind of waited too long. So I don’t think the ambience or the excitement is quite there for it. But I’m glad the fans get to see it. I will probably watch it at some point.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. also isn’t interested in the sickening lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon as he prefers to focus on his own spiritual development.