WWE Hall Of Famer Slams Recent Lesnar-Rhodes Angle For Exposing Talent

wwe brock lesnar cody rhodes

A WWE Hall of Famer thinks the company has been making a mistake regarding the Brock Lesnar-Cody Rhodes storyline.

The rivalry between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar is at one win each at this point. After Lesnar attacked Cody Rhodes two months ago on Raw, they had a match at WWE Backlash with Cody getting the win by countering the Kimura Lock submission into a pin attempt.

At WWE Night of Champions last Saturday, Cody wrestled the match with a cast on because Lesnar attacked it heavily going into the match. That meant Cody wrestled the match with a “broken” arm and a cast on the left arm. Lesnar would go on to win with the Kimura Lock while Cody passed out in the hold.

Kevin Nash is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer that doesn’t like how this angle is going.

On his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash was critical of the storyline by talking about the go-home Raw angle prior to Night of Champions. That was when Lesnar destroyed Cody’s left arm backstage and then Lesnar put the Kimura Lock on Cody in the ring.

“They continue to expose Cody in these situations where, I’m sorry man, he was a good high school wrestler. It’s not f**king, [he’s] not an NCAA Champion, and [he’s] not a UFC Champion.”

As he continued, Nash talked about how it was unrealistic it is to clear Cody to be able to compete against Lesnar in a situation like that.

“Who the f**k is medically clearing these guys? [For the angle] It’s the worst. [Nobody thinks about that] That’s what is wrong with it.”

This past Monday on Raw, Cody said that Lesnar is beast enough to break Cody’s arm, but not man enough to make Cody tap out. Cody also issued an open challenge to Lesnar for another match and if Lesnar does not accept then that means Lesnar is afraid of Cody.

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