WWE Forced To Change Raw Plans Due To Travel Issues

WWE monday night Raw set

There were some changes that took place on WWE Monday Night Raw due to several superstars experiencing travel issues.

A lot of WWE fans have been used to plans changing of late due to the Executive Chairman Vince McMahon altering some things that were scheduled for last week’s Raw.

Triple H is in charge of WWE’s creative team as the Chief Content Officer, but Vince still has a lot of power, so last week he decided to change things on the show. Fans were not happy about it since many people felt it was a poor episode of Raw.

This week for the April 10th episode of Raw in Seattle, there were changes again, but not because of the creative team.

It was reported by PWInsider that Monday’s Raw in Seattle was an “absolute travel day from hell” for a large portion of the Raw roster that was traveling to Seattle. A lot of wrestlers live on the East Coast and in Florida, so sometimes if there are significant delays it can alter a person’s travel in a bad way.

The report from PWInsider noted that about one third (33%) of Raw was likely changed due to travel issues.

During the opening few minutes on Raw, Corey Graves mentioned the travel issues that some of the superstars were experiencing.

One of the matches that was advertised for Raw this week that was no longer listed on before the show was The Miz facing Matt Riddle. That match was set up last week on Raw.

We will have more updates about the Raw changes in the days that follow.