WWE Gives First Look Of WrestleMania Cold Open Featuring Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart will be the man welcoming the viewing audience to WrestleMania this year, as the intro video for the show has been released.

There are lots of elements which help to get the blood pumping going in to ‘The Showcase Of The Immortals’, but the moment that the introduction video starts can be key to setting the tone for the whole show.

This year, the video has been released by Logan Paul on social media in advance of the event, and features comedy star Kevin Hart providing the insight in to the event.

After some banter with the narrator, the self-proclaimed “master storyteller” talks us through what WrestleMania means, in a video which includes everything you’d expect – classic championship wins, the end of The Undertaker’s streak, and some of the greatest rivalries in wrestling history.

The video also includes a number of film parodies which have been produced for this year’s Hollywood themed WrestleMania, as well as running through the key stars and matches involved in the weekend’s festivities.

This is just one part of people getting hyped up for the shows, with other teasers being released such as a picture of the Hell In A Cell which has taken on a new but somewhat familiar look for the match between Finn Balor and Edge.