WWE File Surprising New Trademark For WCW

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan poses in WCW

WWE has filed a new WCW-related trademark.

It’s been revealed that WWE has filed a new trademark for WCW for “paper purposes.”

The sports entertainment giant purchased WCW back in 2001 as the company teetered on the verge of collapse with Time Warner determined to move away from professional wrestling. As part of the deal, Vince McMahon acquired much of WCW’s intellectual property, the company’s tape library, and other remnants of the once mighty promotion.

Although relaunching WCW as its own brand under the WWE umbrella failed, a number of WCW pay-per-view names have been used by the company for several years.

WCW was founded in 1988 after Ted Turner took over the legendary Jim Crockett Promotions.

Mark For: WCW trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of cardboard and paper hangtags; paper for wrapping and packaging; collector albums for sticker collectables, namely, sticker albums; stickers; sticker albums; collectable photos, namely, collectable pictures; collectable photos, namely, collectable picture cards; photo albums; photographs; framed pictures; vinyl and plastic clings, namely, plastic cling film extensible, for palletization and vinyl static cling sheets on which slogans are printed for affixation in windows and window shields; labels, namely, printed paper labels; folders; paper place mats, paper table mats, paper napkins; paper tablecloths; paper table linens; paper lunch bags; postcards; greeting cards; pictures; calendars; posters; decals; temporary tattoo transfers; collectable trading cards; sports training cards; trading cards, other than for games; brochures, magazines and newspapers in the field of sports entertainment; coloring books; children’s activity books; souvenir programs concerning sports entertainment; books in the field of sports entertainment; books featuring pictorial biographies in the field of sports; comic books; picture books; book covers; paper book markers; notebooks; memo pads; note pads; date books; address books; agenda books, namely, agendas in book form; markers; pens; pencils; pencil sharpeners; pencil cases; rubber stamps; stamp pads; chalks; paper banners; printed paper signs for doors; drawing rulers; erasers, rubber erasers, chalk erasers, blackboard erasers; bumper stickers; window decals; lithographs; paper party bags; stencils for tracing designs onto paper; paper gift wrap; paper cake decorations; paper; stationery

New Documentary Won’t Be A “WWE Story”

A new four-part documentary called “Who Killed WCW?” produced by The Rock and Seven Bucks Promotions premiered on June 4th. Although the downfall of WCW has been well-documented, and often told through a WWE lens, film creators are adamant this won’t be the case this time around.

Speaking ahead of the premiere, Brian Gewirtz insisted the documentary wouldn’t be a “WWE story.”