WWE Fans Bring Back ‘Rocky Sucks’ Chant

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WWE fans are not happy with what is happening about Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania main event and they took their anger out on The Rock at Raw.

Cody Rhodes earned himself another chance to challenge for gold when Cody Rhodes won the men’s Royal Rumble for the second time in a row. Immediately after that win, Rhodes pointed to a watching Roman Reigns and made very clear he wanted to challenge him again for the title he missed out on the first time around.

However, CM Punk suffered an injury in the Royal Rumble putting his expected WrestleMania clash with Seth Rollins on hold. Rollins tried to convince Rhodes that the World Heavyweight Championship should be the belt he’s challenging for and it seemed on SmackDown, Rhodes agreed.

Cody Rhodes came face-to-face with Roman Reigns and acquiesced his challenge against The Tribal Chief to The Rock. The Rock received his usual ovation in the arena but as it dawned on WWE fans watching at home just what was unfolding, carnage ensued as the fan backlash to Rhodes being replaced ran wild.

WWE Fans Tell The Rock What They Think On Raw

Seth Rollins kicked off Raw in St. Louis as he sought a definitive answer from Cody Rhodes. The fans in attendance booed any mention of The Rock’s name by Rollins and when Rhodes came to join Rollins, the fans serenaded The American Nightmare with a ‘Rocky Sucks’ chant.

Although the chant was by no means from the majority of fans it was enough for Michael Cole to acknowledge it asking if it was 1996 again. That was when ‘Rocky Sucks’ chants first were heard in the company as fans fought back at the smiling babyface Rocky Maivia. Although the chant followed him when he was a hated villain throughout his career they had not been heard in years before Monday night indicating the strength of feeling about his potential WrestleMania role.