WWE Faction Adds New Recruit

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The Alpha Academy could well be expanding after a new recruit was taken in by the group on WWE Raw.

After their backstage interaction on the previous week’s show, Alpha Academy’s Chad Gable, Otis, and Maxxine Dupri once again came across Akira Tozawa on WWE Monday Night Raw in Dallas.

Tozawa was in the group’s locker room in the hopes of officially joining the Academy but was asked what he could bring to the table. The Japanese star then began to dance which seemingly impressed the trio so much so that Tozawa donned an Alpha Academy shirt and joined the group at ringside for their tag team bout against The New Day.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods picked up the win but Akira Tozawa was not done for the night and found himself picking a fight with someone he shouldn’t have picked a fight with.

Akira Tozawa challenges wrong WWE star

Tozawa came across ‘Big’ Bronson Reed backstage and challenged him to a match, Reed initially refused before Tozawa slapped him which led to a bout between the two men. Reed made short work of Tozawa, putting him away in just over two minutes.

Backstage, Akira Tozawa was buoyed by the support of the Academy – although Dupri and Gable looked vaguely disgusted – as well as The New Day and DIY. Whether he manages to become a fully-fledged member of the Alpha Academy remains to be seen.