WWE Executive: Company Is Branching Out


After Vince McMahon announced his retirement earlier this year, WWE’s new regime has made loads of changes to the way backstage operations work.

Ever since Triple H took control of company creative, it’s become quite clear, both on camera and behind the scenes, that WWE has approached things differently than in the past, and this was further explained on “The Wrap.”

Appearing on the show was WWE Senior VP Scott Zanghellini, who spoke about what the promotion has planned for the long-term, saying that they can really bankroll if they focus on new revenue streams such as NFTs and gaming.

“The second we do something that’s not authentic, our fans will take note, right? That seems like the cash grab. It’s got to be something that they want … 75% of our fans self-identify as gamers. I think it’s about 60% play seven hours of video games a week or more, so massive, massive audience that’s into video games. As technology advances … what are the offerings we can give them? What can we experiment with there, knowing where they are, you know, you have to meet them where they are … With our NFTs for example, digital collectibles, we all see the success of that. It’s worked out for us in terms of our long-term partnerships making sure that we’re partnering with best in class partners … Gaming is a category that we will be in shortly. Again, I’m going to keep that tight-lipped.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.