WWE Executive Comments On Firing After “Enormous Success”

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One former WWE executive has spoken out following their firing.

The WWE takeover by Endeavor was completed on September 12th as the sports entertainment giant has been brought under the auspices of TKO Group alongside UFC. As a result of the merger, over 100 WWE employees lost their jobs in the days after, something that had been widely expected in recent months.

One of those former employees was Amanda Bloom, who previously held the job title of WWE’s Director, Enterprise Master Data & Governance. Bloom has taken to social media to reflect on her accomplishments in the role as she looks towards her next job while also throwing in a special mention for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn:

“A day I’m not sure I thought would ever come: I am among those affected by WWE’s layoffs today, and am updating my profile to #opentowork.

I have been at WWE almost 8 years, more than twice as long as I’ve been at any other company, and by any measure my tenure has been an enormous success. Over that time I’ve had the opportunity to:

• Design and implement an enterprise data model for an organization with robust but extremely siloed data accumulated over several years
• Work with SMEs across the organization to create master records and map the siloed data to those records
• Partner with data technology and analytics to make master and mapped data available in the data warehouse for automated, scalable reporting
• Participate in the design and deployment of a custom-built master data management platform with multiple system integrations
• Redesign our content model to align with industry standards and facilitate intuitive search and navigation on our OTT platform

• Manage the migration of our content library metadata to Peacock in time for our debut there in 2021
• Work on redesigning our MDM using a COTS solution and instituting more stringent data validation rules
• Learn and use a plethora of new apps and programming languages
• Work with some of the most talented, collaborative people it has ever been my pleasure to know, some of whom are also now on the market and you should snap them up ASAP

Above all I can say that I fostered a data-centric mindset among people who had been trained to make do with subpar data, who now take pains to create, maintain and share data that meets the high standards we implemented. The best a data professional can hope for is that the level of data quality won’t decrease in their absence, and I am extremely optimistic in that regard.

Now I’m off to find my next challenge. Maybe you know where it is. #KevinandSamiforever

Who else was fired by WWE?

PWInsider reported that the Insights & Analytics team lost at least 17 employees while the Marketing, Graphic Design, and Live Events departments were also decimated with the WWE Network and Podcasting divisions also seeing cuts.

Dana Warrior, the widow of WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior was also let go from her role in the community outreach department as a result of the cuts.