WWE Has ‘Every Intention’ Of Taking NXT Events On The Road

NXT logo over TakeOver arena

Shawn Michaels has confirmed that WWE is looking into getting big NXT shows back on the road and out of the Performance Center.

At its height, NXT was selling out the same arenas as Raw, SmackDown, and even SummerSlam as the black and gold brand became the hottest property in wrestling.

But when the pandemic hit in early 2020, things quickly changed and the brand had to pivot. Since then NXT television and special events have been held in the Capitol Wrestling Center which itself is inside the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Speaking to Scott Fishman of TV Insider, the man in charge of NXT these days, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, confirmed that the company plans to take NXT back out of the PC for bigger shows, the question is when:

“Absolutely. As you mentioned, we started with the Florida loop, or the coconut loop, as we call them. We’ve briefly discussed getting out for our premium live events. Do we want to do that at the end of the year or start at the beginning of the new year?”

“We had Stand & Deliver for WrestleMania weekend, which is the first time many of our talents were out of the Performance Center. It’s certainly something we want to get back to. We have every intention of doing that.”

“We’re actually having talks on how we want to go about executing that. This will go beyond shows in the state of Florida for certainly premium live events but regular live events. As you know, that is part of the developmental process. They have to get out there and perform on the main roster all around the world. They might as well get their feet wet in NXT.”

h/t Fightful