Booker T Says WWE Avoided Mistake With Dominik Mysterio

dominik mysterio wwe judgment day

Dominik Mysterio continues to improve in WWE while Booker T believes the company avoided a mistake with the son of a Hall of Famer.

It was nearly three years ago at SummerSlam 2020 in the Thunderdome when Dominik Mysterio had his first WWE match against Seth Rollins. It wasn’t just any match, though. They had a Street Fight in front of no fans it went over 20 minutes too. Rollins won, but Dominik was very impressive.

Over the next two years, Dominik was a babyface that was learning from his legendary father, the WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. They became the first father & son duo to ever become WWE Tag Team Champions as well.

In September 2022, Dominik Mysterio turned heel on Rey and “Uncle” Edge at Clash at the Castle, which led to Dominik joining The Judgment Day.

During his run with The Judgment Day for the last ten months, Dominik has become one of the biggest heels in the company because whenever he tries to speak, the fans boo him as loudly as anybody on the show.

While Dominik Mysterio hasn’t been able to beat some top stars like his father Rey Mysterio, Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes, the fact that he’s been put in big matches with all of them is at testament to how good he is.

An interesting aspect of Dominik’s journey is that he didn’t go the NXT route like so many wrestlers on the WWE roster. Booker T, who is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer and NXT commentator, thinks that WWE made the right decision by keeping Dominik out of NXT. Here’s what Booker said on his Hall of Fame podcast.

“[Dominik’s] not like Rey Mysterio (his father), but he’s like Rey Mysterio at the same time, if you understand what I mean. He’s so much taller, but his athleticism, his timing, the grace, the flawlessness, he does everything. He does everything good.”

“I was listening to him talk and he was saying that the original plan was to start him out in the ‘NXT’ program and I think that would have been a mistake. I really do. I think they’ve slipped on a banana peel and they got a bona fide star that they’re going to be able to work with for the next 15 years.”

Even though he’s not an NXT alumnus, Dominik Mysterio will wrestle in NXT this Tuesday when he challenges Wes Lee for the NXT North American Title. It was set up on last week’s NXT show.