WWE Has Zero Plans For Two Superstars At The Present Time


WWE has no plans whatsoever for two Superstars.

Since Paul “Triple H” Levesque took over creative for the company, many underused and released WWE Superstars have returned to the spotlight. However, others haven’t had that luxury. According to Fightful Select, Veer Mahaan and Commander Azeez are two of the unlucky ones, with WWE having no current plans for them on the main roster.

Originally, WWE actually had Veer Mahaan booked to go on a dominant singles streak where he would compile an undefeated record, having him listed as a Monday Night Raw heel. With Azeez, he was also previously being pushed, being re-branded as the muscleman for Apollo Crews after WrestleMania 37.

Despite the prior pushes from the Vince McMahon regime, however, both of Veer’s and Azeez’s main roster television runs have come to an end under Triple H, with both being sent back to NXT.

The recent report from Fightful Select also notes that there are no more bookings scheduled for Veer Mahaan.

It’s been rumored that the tag team Indus Sher will make a comeback after Mahaan was seen with Sanga, his former partner.

With Cammander Azeez, he was last seen back in the summer at a NXT live event, where he would take part in a mixed tag team match pairing up with Cora Jade. Since then, he hasn’t been seen.