WWE Creating 2 Brand New Championships

Triple H reveals new WWE Title

If you’re a fan of a championship match, then WWE could have something for you as the company looks to introduce 2 brand new titles.

Many fans believe that modern wrestling is overrun with championships with WWE currently boasting sixteen champions while AEW is home to eight champions with titles from the likes of Ring of Honor and NJPW also defended on Tony Khan’s shows from time to time.

However, WWE clearly thinks otherwise as two new titles appear to be on the way for the company’s female stars to do battle over.

WWE Bringing In More Women’s Titles

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that he has been told WWE is discussing introducing women’s mid-card titles with one each on Raw and SmackDown:

I know it was reported earlier today because somebody texted me and goes ‘It’s being reported out there that [WWE] are gonna create women’s US and Intercontinental Titles. I asked and I was basically told that is what’s being talked about. So there you go. Two more championships coming, one on each brand.

No women’s titles were defended at Money In The Bank in Toronto but Tiffany Stratton claimed the famous briefcase to put herself in the championship picture anytime she likes.

NXT’s women’s champions had a good night at Heatwave as Kelani Jordan and Roxanne Perez both retained their respective North American and NXT Women’s Championships.

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