WWE Couldn’t Use Thumbtacks At Extreme Rules Because Of Legal Reasons

Ronda Rousey chokes out Liv Morgan

Recently, Ronda Rousey revealed what her and Liv Morgan originally had planned for WWE Extreme Rules.

At the Premium Live Event, Rousey won back the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship after forcing a smiling Liv Morgan to pass out. Morgan would get stuck in a triangle choke-style move from the “Baddest Woman on the Planet,” with her beat being stuck in the shin of Rousey, as well as her thigh. Not just that, but Morgan would be laying a pile of rubble from a table that was previously broken in the brawl. Eventually, Morgan passed out with a smile on her face, forcing the referee to stop the match.

Talking on her YouTube channel, Rousey said that the original plan for the bout was to use thumbtacks.

“I pitched the finish to be on thumbtacks. She would put down the thumbtacks and powerbomb me on the thumbtacks and then as a repeat of our finish before, I would go for the armbar on the thumbtacks and they would start counting the pin. Then I would have to push up to my one shoulder. Like into the thumbtacks to keep the armbar… Liv would be like bite her hand, trying not to tap out and pass out face down into the thumbtacks and have her hand protect the face.”

Rousey also revealed that WWE had no interest in using thumbtacks due to legal reasons.

“They said we can’t use thumbtacks anymore. That legally we can’t like purposefully, like, injure people, like, cut through skin and stuff. I don’t know.”

H/T Sportskeeda