WWE’s Cora Jade Shows Off Startling New Look

cora jade wwe promo black

Cora Jade has changed her look somewhat while being off WWE television due to a major injury.

When the NXT 2.0 brand started in late 2021, one of the young stars that received a lot of attention right away was Cora Jade, who was very impressive as a 20-year-old living her dreams.

Over the last two-plus years, injuries have hurt Jade’s growth as a performer. While most people watching NXT likely figured she would have been a NXT Women’s Champion, it hasn’t happened. Jade did win the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles with Roxanne Perez, but that reign was brief when Jade turned on her partner.

After missing about four months of television in late 2023, Cora Jade returned at NXT Deadline in December to make it clear she was coming for the NXT Women’s Title.

Sadly, Jade suffered a major injury in early January when she tore her ACL during a match. That knee injury led to surgery on January 23rd and the recovery time for that sort of injury can be anywhere from seven to ten months. It depends on the person and the damage that was done as well. It’s an injury that Charlotte Flair is currently dealing with as well.

Cora Jade Changes Her Look

Fans of Cora Jade know she isn’t afraid to change up her look sometimes whether it’s her attire in the ring or enhancing herself in other ways.

On social media, Jade revealed a hairstyle that is all black, which is different from her past look where she has had blonde streaks in her hair.

At 23 years old, Cora Jade still has a very bright future in WWE and her fans on social media likely aren’t going to be complaining about her new photos either.