WWE Contract Of Kevin Owens Reportedly Set To Expire Soon

Kevin Owens leans on ropes

Kevin Owens is one of the biggest names in WWE and according to a new report, his contract will expire soon.

Owens is a former WWE Universal Champion that has also held other titles in WWE over the last seven years since making his NXT debut. Owens was a challenger for the same Universal Title earlier this year (and late last year) against Roman Reigns. Owens lost multiple times to Reigns due to interference from others and nearly got the win at the Royal Rumble before coming up short. At WrestleMania 37, he defeated his former best friend Sami Zayn in a singles match. Since that time, Owens hasn’t been involved that much on Smackdown aside from a minor feud with “Happy” Baron Corbin, who had Logan Paul with him on Smackdown last week.

In a new report, Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp has found that KO’s WWE contract is expiring in January 2022. Back in May 2018, Owens did an interview with TVA Sports noting he signed a five-year contract extension with WWE at that time.

The Fightful report notes that a WWE official informed them about why the deal is up in January:

“WWE restructured several contracts ahead of the pandemic, and for whatever reason, Kevin Owens’ deal was changed to expire in January 2022. We were not told of any additional terms of the deal or specifically why it was shortened. We’ll work to find out if any other deals were adjusted.”

In addition to this report, Owens tweeted and deleted something that could mean he is set to leave WWE when his deal is up.

The Owens tweet in question were the coordinates of Mount Rushmore. It was a reference to Kevin’s past when he worked with The Young Bucks and Adam Cole, who just debuted in All Elite Wrestling this past Sunday. The Young Bucks are Executive Vice Presidents of AEW as well as co-founders of the company.

It is not known if Owens intends to leave WWE when his contract or if he will stay in WWE for a new contract. What is known is that he is close with The Young Bucks and Cole especially, so that’s going to lead to speculation that Owens could “All Elite” in early 2022 at some point. If Owens does leave WWE he will likely use his real name Kevin Steen that he used before he was in WWE.

For now, Owens remains part of the WWE Smackdown brand. The next few months could be very interesting for him while WWE fans might wonder if they will keep him or if he’ll leave the company like several others have recently as well.