Two Wrestlers WWE Is Considering For Bray Wyatt Stable

Bray Wyatt

We have more insight on who could potentially be in Bray Wyatt’s upcoming stable.

With Bray Wyatt’s return is going to come along with a new faction in WWE, and the rumor mill has been swirling about who could possibly be featured in the group.

On his Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer shared a short note with two names that WWE is considering for the stable, writing:

“Dutch & Vincent’s name have been bandied about for Wyatt characters.”

There have been multiple other names also linked to the new Wyatt Family-style faction, but the vast majority have been debunked. Earlier this month, Bryan Alvarez reported that Bo Dallas, the brother of Bray Wyatt, was re-signed to WWE and planning his return to the company, however, there’s been no update since then. While fans’ speculation around Dallas makes logical sense, nothing has been made official.

On the “Sunday Night’s Main Event” podcast, Meltzer spoke about how the faction plans could consistently change as the process goes along, saying that WWE doesn’t have the Wyatt storylines completely figured out yet.

“I’ve certainly heard names for a faction but then I heard other people say those aren’t the names. And someone even told me it’s not even all worked out exactly how it’s all gonna go down. I think it’s a faction. As far as who’s playing what, I don’t know. It’s being kept like that for a reason. I think they are trying to keep it secretive…”

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