More Insight Into WWE Considering England WrestleMania Event

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After John Cena mentioned England possibly hosting WrestleMania in the future, there is some more insight into why WWE is strongly considering it.

The first 39 editions of WrestleMania have taken place in the United States of America and Canada. We also know that WrestleMania 40 next April will take place in one of America’s biggest cities: Philadelphia.

As for the future, there will likely be many more American cities considered as hosts for WrestleMania because we know WWE loves going to places that have NFL stadiums or other stadiums that can hold 70,000+ people at the event.

At WWE Money in the Bank on Saturday in London, England, John Cena made a surprise appearance putting over the fans in England for being among the best in the world. Cena has been wrestling in England for over 20 years, so he knows as well as anybody just how passionate they are.

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John Cena would go on to push the idea of England hosting WrestleMania. Cena didn’t mention Wembley Stadium in London, but that’s likely the venue that WWE would be looking at.

What’s interesting about what Cena said is that AEW All In will take place at Wembley Stadium on August 27th with over 65,000+ fans in the arena. If WWE brings WrestleMania to Wembley Stadium then that’s going to mean two nights of events and perhaps bigger crowds, so it could be a case of WWE wanting to top what AEW does.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke a lot about the possibility of WrestleMania taking place in England in the future.

“So to go in here, this is completely obviously they’re saying it because AEW at Wembley and they want to go in there at Wembley and they’ll do two shows at Wembley and they will sell out both shows for WrestleMania, I’m sure of that, and set and set gate records, you know, all time gate records for that. But for WWE that’s not enough because WWE wants the city to spend like UFC, you know, the whole gimmick. Now it’s not about your gate, it’s about how much money you can get to be paid to come in millions and millions of dollars.”

“The deal is, is that London because you’re looking for tourists. Well, London, as I actually just found out, London is the number one tourist city in all of Europe. And they don’t need to pay WWE to bring in tourists because they’re gonna get tourists that week and every week they’re getting 20 million tourists a year or some crazy number. So an insane number.”

“So they don’t need to do this, but WWE doesn’t want, let’s just say the two gates together are, are 30 million that they’ll get and, and it may be it’s not enough for WWE, you know, they want that and especially because they’re, if they do it for no money, look at all these cities are gonna get mad at having to pay big money.”

“So the point is, is that London doesn’t want to pay, okay? They didn’t wanna pay for that pay-per-view last year. And that’s why it went to Cardiff. WWE does want to do WrestleMania there because the audience is great. They can do a great gate but they want the city to pay to bring them in. So this is a way to kind of use this thing to tell the city, ‘Hey, you know, we can do this.’ It’s a really interesting game, you know, because we’ll see how it plays out.

“Therefore a lot of money to get WrestleMania into London. There’s negatives to it, but not really as much as before. I mean, like, if it was four years ago or something like that, they would’ve, it would not even be considered. But, for a lot of reasons, you know, it’s, strongly considered and, and it’d be a super memorable show if they could do it. London can do a bigger gate than, you know, I’d say London would be London and New York would probably be the places where you would do the biggest gates.”

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