WWE Considered Big Change To SmackDown Grudge Match

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A recent SmackDown grudge match took place with a report noting that WWE nearly made it a stipulation match.

AJ Styles has been dealing with Karrion Kross for a couple of months. There were matches between them along with random attacks in the backstage area. All of this led to a grudge match on last night’s Smackdown episode from Calgary.

Prior to the match, Karrion Kross did a promo segment where he teased the idea of having a faction by mentioning “disciples.”

“Some people lack the depth to see the vision. My plan has always been to destroy the plan. But now it’s time to take things to another level. As fate would have it, AJ Styles has shown me the importance of brotherhood. And after all, a prophet is absolutely nothing without his disciples. Soon, you’ll see.”

During the match on Smackdown, AJ Styles had his friend Michin (Mia Yim) at ringside while Kross had his wife Scarlett at ringside as usual. It was a good thing that Styles had Michin there because, at one point in the match, Scarlett put Karrion’s foot on the bottom rope to save him from being pinned. That would lead to Michin going after Scarlett and tossing her over the commentary table.

After Michin took care of Scarlett, Styles followed up with a Pele Kick on Kross along with a Styles Clash for the pinfall win.

WWE Considered Stipulation Match For Styles-Kross on Smackdown

It was reported by PWInsider’s Mike Johnson that WWE discussed adding a No Disqualification stipulation to the Styles-Kross match over the last week. However, that idea was dropped and Styles just had a regular match with Kross instead.

Due to the clean nature of the finish of the Smackdown match, it appears as though the Styles-Kross is finished for now.