WWE Making Major Changes To Post-Show Press Conferences

WWE WrestleMania Triple H

WWE is reportedly looking to make changes.

In recent months WWE has come under fire for how it handles post-show press conferences. Many fans feel the media are too afraid to ask tough questions and Triple H doesn’t give adequate answers when pressed.

This has come to a head since the turn of the year when journalists have asked about the sex trafficking allegations linked to Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and the company itself.

It’s now been reported by Wrestle Votes that WWE is “altering plans” for how the press conferences are handled. This could even include journalists no longer being able to ask questions of Triple H or talent.

Interesting tidbit: Source states WWE is altering its plans for a ‘press conference’ after this Saturday’s Clash at the Castle PLE. It will now just be a ‘post show,’ with the possibility of media questions still undetermined.

WWE Tries To Avoid Questions From Journalists

Speaking back in May, former WWE personality Matt Camp discussed the company’s approach to press conferences and their ideal scenario. Camp suggested WWE would rather have fans involved than genuine journalists so they can control how things play out.

“They want fans in there. They want people that want to be part of the show and that don’t want to mess with their part of the show. The press conference is part of the show. Does Triple H come out at the end and [talk about] setting all these records, yeah sure, that’s the real part. But, they want this to just be an addendum. We wrap things up, we let people speak a little bit.

For the most part, they want softballs, right? That’s why there has been criticism with some of these questions.”

At the press conference following Backlash, Triple H took a shot at Fightful and PWInsider, claiming they weren’t good news sources after being questioned over Drew Gulak’s status with the company.