WWE Bloodline Appearance Shot Down For Wrestling Star

The Bloodline WWE

Former MLW star Lance Anoa’i says he was refused the chance to appear on-screen with his real-life family in WWE.

Lance Anoa’i was among several MLW stars who recently requested their release from the company and he clearly has his sights on big things that could include appearing with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline in WWE.

Lance Anoa’i Missed Out On WWE Chances In MLW

Speaking to Steve Fall of Wrestling News, Lance Anoa’i discussed requesting his release from MLW and lamented at missing out on opportunities to appear in WWE and with The Bloodline in other projects:

The tribal court, they wanted a lot of us. They asked for my grandfather, my dad, my uncles, me, Jacob, they wanted us all. Unfortunately, due to our contracts and everything, we weren’t able to. But that’s okay. We weren’t able to, and we just carried on. Now, we just don’t know.

They even did the A&E special, filming my whole family at our family reunions, and we weren’t allowed to be in any of it. So there was just a few missed opportunities, and hopefully, it just comes right back around, and everybody will be able to see how big our family is still growing. I’m not the only one left.

There’s still a lot of guys. Jacob Fatu is my cousin. His brother, Journey. Solo’s already in there. Zilla Fatu, who’s Umaga’s son. We’re all going. We’re all young and hungry and ready to achieve and follow our family’s footsteps and just keep the Bloodline going.

The Tribal Court segment did not end up happening on WWE television due to several notable members of the Anoa’i family being unable to make it.

Part of MLW’s reluctance to allow their stars to appear on WWE television might have something to do with the fact that MLW filed an antitrust lawsuit against WWE in early 2022 alleging business practices that hurt their own broadcast deals among other issues.