Jim Cornette Praises The Bloodline’s ‘Ucey’ WWE Smackdown Promo

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A recent WWE promo from Smackdown featuring a memorable line from Sami Zayn has earned a lot of praise from Jim Cornette, who called it a “heck of a segment.”

On the October 28th edition of Smackdown, there was a memorable segment featuring the dominant WWE group known as The Bloodline. The group consists of Universal WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso), their younger brother Solo Sikoa, the “Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn and the “Special Counsel” Paul Heyman as well.

Following a tag team match loss that saw Sami Zayn & Solo Sikoa lose to The Brawling Brutes (Butch & Ridge Holland), Reigns joined the rest of the group in the ring. That was followed by a rant from Jey Uso, who doesn’t like Zayn. When Zayn mentioned that “The Tribal Chief wants peace” that led to Jey shouting that he didn’t give a damn what The Tribal Chief says. The crowd really reacted to that in a big way.

At that point, it was explained by Zayn that Jey hasn’t been “very Ucey” and Reigns smirked at that while the fans chanted “Ucey” after that. Reigns was laughing, so the fans were cheering. Reigns asked if that was the problem here because Jey isn’t feeling “ucey” and the fans were laughing at that. Even Jey was laughing about it. Right before Sami delivered the “ucey” line, Jimmy was in the background covering his mouth because he knew it was funny, so he stopped himself from laughing.

Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette has chimed in with his thoughts on the “Ucey” segment on a recent episode of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast. Cornette praised Zayn for being brilliant as a performer.

“I saw the clips of certain highlights of the program because of this troublesome changing of schedule in various places. And obviously, what everybody was talking about, The Bloodline interview, where Reigns and Heyman and The Usos and Solo and Sami came out. And Roman Reigns in no uncertain terms told Jey Uso and Sami Zayn to get their sh*t together, bury the hatchet, settle their differences, whatever the case may be. Everybody needs to be pulling the same rope here in The Bloodline. And Sami Zayn is brilliant, if somebody had written this for him, it wouldn’t have been the same. He delivers it so well because he’s taking the story, he’s taking the content that they’re giving him the point of the thing, but he’s turning it into his own weasel-ish delivery. And he’s such a convincing toadying stooge, flunky type of disingenuous. I mean all the adjectives and nouns and verbs and adverbs you can come up with, he’s great. And you can tell he’s a weasel but he’s such an entertaining weasel that he’s becoming the biggest babyface in the business.”

“So he apologizes to Jey he likes him. ‘Why don’t you like me? I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done.’ The fans are cheering his apology, he tries to shake Jey’s hand and Jey doesn’t want to and it’s basically said get that head out of my face. And then Jey finally tells Sami off. ‘I don’t like nothing about you. How are you part of The Bloodline when you ain’t blood? You’re blah blah blah, you’re just a fake ass Uce.’ And then Sami said ‘But The Tribal Chief wants peace.’ and he’s worked Jey up so bad that Jey says ‘I don’t give a damn what The Tribal Chief says.’ And they had the perfect camera shot, which obviously, because they’re brilliant at production.”

Cornette went on to talk about the laughing reactions while noting that when somebody else is laughing it can be contagious for others to laugh as well.

“You see Roman’s face react and the place blows at the same time because they know what the f*ck he’s just done and they start chanting, you f*cked up. You f*cked up. I would have to think the Fox network at some point may say something to them because last time I checked, they were technically in violation of federal communications commission requirements there. And if anybody wanted to press it, they would be subject to a heavy fine for broadcasting the word f*ck over and over on network television. But nevertheless, the people went crazy and Sami then, as Roman gets in Jey’s face, Sami tries to calm Roman down, and that’s when he hit the line. ‘You know, Jey has been going through a lot he just, he hasn’t been feeling very ucey.’ And now you see, he’s cracked Reigns and Jey, and now Jey, who’s already [laughing] because Roman’s having fun with this, and Jey was already a little bit when Sami was talking before but now he’s not feeling very ucey. And the people laughed, I’ve been in that position when the people in the building laugh, it’s contagious. And you got your friends there and you and you get the giggles we get the giggles every once in a while here on the program. Not today we haven’t.”

“Roman and Jey were trying and Jey covered his mouth up like he’s looking down, you know like he’s, you know, fighting with his inner demons. And then finally at one point, Roman puts his arm around him and said ‘Now look if you can’t find your inner ucey again…’ he tries, Jey tries to turn away from the camera. He puts his hand over his face. And Roman said no, no, no, come on back here, come on back here. When he’s doing that Roman sounds like The Rock talking, personally just talking to him. He has that, not even, the same kind of tone in his voice but same kind of inflection or delivery or whatever what I’m trying to say. But anyway, Roman says if you can’t find your inner ucey again, we’re going to make Sami Zayn, a full-blown Uso. So and then Sami Uso and the people start chanting, and f*cking Jey is dying. And it just what a segment these guys, they’ve, you can tell they’ve all worked on this together because it’s not just the writers giving them sh*t. They’re all in on it. They’re working together with it, they’re coming up with some good sh*t. And people want to know what’s going to happen next. And sooner or later Sami Zayn will be a huge babyface and potentially even be in a main event against Roman Reigns in some shape or form. But that was a heck of a segment.”

Reigns and The Usos will be defending their titles this Saturday, November 5th at Crown Jewel.

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