WWE Had Big Plans For Tag Team Prior To Injury

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A WWE tag team was going to get a major push, but a serious injury to one of the team members has put a stop to those plans for now.

Sol Ruca has impressed a lot of people in NXT over the last year as somebody that had no experience in pro wrestling before she signed with WWE, but she has shown that she is a quick learner. While Sol didn’t receive a massive push in NXT, she did show enough to excite a lot of people in WWE with regard to her future.

The finishing move that Sol does where jumps off the top rope with a reverse flip leading to a cutter is an eye-catching maneuver that most wrestlers could never do. It’s called the Sol Snatcher.

Unfortunately, Sol recently tore her ACL in her knee and had surgery. An injury like that is considered major and usually requires a rehab time of anywhere from seven to ten months. That likely means Sol is probably out of action for the rest of 2023.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote that WWE had big plans for Sol and newcomer Dani Palmer as a tag team in NXT.

“Before her injury, there was talk of making Ruca & Dani Palmer into a major pushed babyface tag team in NXT. They were so high on them there was talk of them getting the NXT tag belts within a few months but that obviously isn’t happening.”

Ruc was written off TV recently due to a mysterious talk where we couldn’t see who the attacker was.

Dani Palmer made her NXT debut this past week on television as she picked up a victory over Tatum Paxley. Palmer showed off her athleticism throughout the match and won with a Frog Splash off the top rope.