WWE Make Big Change After Serious Allegation Made

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The clearest sign yet that the future is not bright for one WWE star came on NXT after an allegation made by Ronda Rousey.

The culture in WWE has been under the spotlight in recent months after the bombshell lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon accusing him of sexual assault and sex trafficking. Behaviours in the company form part of that suit and several members of WWE management have been named as known about Vince McMahon’s affair with the former WWE employee at the heart of the situation.

Speaking to NewsNation, Ronda Rousey looked back on one unfortunate incident for her in WWE when she said one talent in the company grabbed at her sweatpants while she was walking by:

I was standing there and this guy I was barely an acquaintance with grabs the string of my sweatpants as I’m walking by…and nobody reacts as if this is abnormal, and he’s going down the hall and I’m like ‘what the f*ck is that? Why are you grabbing the string of my sweatpants? If my husband was standing there next to me, would you feel comfortable walking up to me and grabbing the string of my sweatpants?’

All the guys around me were like, this is part of the day. And if this guy was coming up to me and doing this kind of stuff to me when there are other people around, what’s happening to these other girls when I’m not in the hallway?

Rousey later clarified that she was talking about NXT star Drew Gulak. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez noted that there had been those in WWE who expected Gulak to be fired after the allegation

It was Tuesday when this story came out and there were people there who thought ‘Gulak’s probably gonna be gone tomorrow.’ And he’s not gone, I don’t know what that means.

Drew Gulak has given his version of events regarding the situation noting that he believed it was a simple accident and he apologised immediately to Rousey.

Drew Gulak Removed From WWE NXT Entrance

However, one week later, there has been the clearest indication yet that the future might not be bright for Drew Gulak in the company.

On the 9th of April edition of NXT, Gulak’s No Quarter Catch Crew appeared on-screen without him as Charlie Dempsey spoke about his experience of wrestling at Bloodsport over WrestleMania weekend. However, the clearest sign that Gulak’s future may be in doubt is that when Myles Borne & Damon Kemp came to the ring for their match against The Family, Drew Gulak had been removed from the group’s entrance video.