WWE Announces Roman Reigns vs. Rey Mysterio Hell in a Cell Match for WWE Universal Title Taking Place on Friday’s Smackdown

There has been a change in WWE programming heading into this upcoming Hell in a Cell weekend. Instead of Roman Reigns defending the WWE Universal Title vs. Rey Mysterio inside Hell in a Cell at the Hell in a Cell PPV on Sunday, June 20, WWE has decided to do the match on Smackdown taking place tomorrow night, June 18.

It could be because they are facing a doubleheader of NBA playoff games on Friday night and WWE may feel like they need a huge match to go against the Philadelphia 76ers at Atlanta Hawks Game 6 of the NBA Playoffs. (The Utah Jazz at LA Clippers is the late game). Maybe it’s because they have something else planned for Hell in a Cell on Sunday. I don’t know right now. If we learn more about why the change is happening, we will update the post later.

Here is the official announcement from along with the tweets of the two wrestlers setting it up.


Rey Mysterio is out for retribution against Universal Champion Roman Reigns for the attacks that The Head of the Table unleashed on him and his son Dominik, and he is not willing to wait for WWE Hell in a Cell. He wants Reigns tomorrow night on SmackDown.

Thirsty for payback, The Master of the 619 sent out a tweet Thursday night laying down the challenge to The Big Dog for the blue brand.

Reigns accepted on Twitter as well, making it clear that if Rey wants the matchup on Friday night, it would just move up the timetable on disgracing what’s left of Mysterio’s family name.

As a result, the leaders of two of WWE’s most iconic families will go to battle for the Universal Title on SmackDown inside the dreaded structure two days early.

The elder Mysterio confronted The Head of the Table on SmackDown after the Universal Champion’s brutal attack on his son Dominik. Father and son launched a Kendo stick attack that Reigns narrowly escaped. The Mysterios have carried a target on their backs as SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but the father-son duo always head into battle shoulder to shoulder.

On the other side, Reigns has seen the reemergence of Jimmy Uso draw a line between him and his “Right Hand Man” Jey Uso. Family ties may not matter though when the unforgiving steel structure of the Hell in a Cell closes around The Ultimate Underdog and The Head of the Table.

Will Rey show the Universal Champion what it truly means to lead his family? Or will Reigns force another opponent to acknowledge him?

Don’t miss the massive title showdown tomorrow night at 8/7 C on SmackDown on FOX.


TJR Thoughts: Whether it’s Friday or Sunday, the result should be the same: A dominant win for Roman Reigns. I just don’t know why they had to change the date. Find out on Smackdown on Friday night and then Hell in a Cell on Sunday.