Wrestling Legend Shares Opinion On WWE Women’s Division

WWE Women's Division

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase showered praise on the women’s division within the world of professional wrestling.

DiBiase shared his astonishment at the remarkable quality of matches showcased by female Superstars in a recent episode of Everybody’s Got A Pod, asserting that their performances surpass those of their male counterparts.

DiBiase openly expressed his admiration for the women’s division in WWE. He carefully emphasised his perspective on the matter, stating:

I hope none of the current talents takes this the wrong way, but I watch, and as I watch, a lot of my peers, the guys that were in the business [at] the same time, as they watch, the girls’ division of the WWE put on more believable matches than the guys.

The wrestling icon credited WWE for its commendable efforts in featuring women prominently and acknowledged the heightened legitimacy of their matches. DiBiase specifically highlighted WWE’s commitment over the past decade to better represent the incredible talent within the women’s division. He pointed to pivotal steps taken by the organisation, such as the establishment of various titles, including tag team championships specifically designated for female competitors.

Which Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Did Ted DiBiase Say Couldn’t Work?

Ted DiBiase stated that the Ultimate Warrior couldn’t work. DiBiase stated that while Warrior had an undeniably great physique, he “couldn’t work worth a crap.” DiBiase said that Warrior had to be guided through an entire match and still wasn’t good.

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