Wrestling Legend Calls Chris Jericho The “Ultimate Chameleon In The Wrestling Business”

Wrestling Legend Calls Chris Jericho The

Former WCW star Kevin Sullivan commended Chris Jericho for his remarkable ability to adapt and reinvent himself throughout his illustrious wrestling career.

Dubbing Chris Jericho as the “ultimate chameleon,” Sullivan underscored Jericho’s exceptional talent for evolution in an episode of “Tuesday with The Taskmaster.”

Highlighting Jericho’s adeptness at navigating the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling, Sullivan emphasised the veteran wrestler’s knack for turning challenges into opportunities. Sullivan lauded Jericho’s resilience, noting his remarkable capacity to effectively manoeuvre through the dynamic nature of the wrestling industry, ultimately solidifying his enduring presence.

He has been the ultimate chameleon in the wrestling business, he’s been able to change and keep up with the times. He makes negatives positives. He’s done an incredible job.

Throughout his career, Jericho has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt his persona and wrestling style to stay relevant, earning him widespread admiration from peers and fans alike.

What Did Chris Jericho Say To His Critics That He Doesn’t Help Younger AEW Talent?

Chris Jericho aimed at his critics who say he doesn’t help develop younger talent in AEW. Jericho stated that contrary to popular belief that it has always been his goal in AEW to help elevate younger talent and that he feels that he has done a good job at this.

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