Wrestling Legend Used Cody Rhodes Match To “Prove WWE Wrong”

Cody Rhodes Pins Finn Balor

In 2019, the wrestling world changed forever when the formation of AEW was announced, by the time of the company’s first pay-per-view in May, it was Dustin and Cody Rhodes’ chance to right some wrongs.

At the inaugural Double Or Nothing, Cody Rhodes famously smashed the throne on his way to the ring as he vowed to end the Attitude Era against his own brother Dustin Rhodes.

What followed was a bloody affair that became the first five-star rated match in AEW history and still stands as one of the most talked about matches in company history to this day.

Speaking to the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Dustin Rhodes discussed his mindset heading into the bout and says the match was a chance for both of them to prove WWE’s perceptions about them wrong:

“The story was there because we wanted a match for so many years and I’d told people about it, I was p*ssed … we proved them (WWE) wrong. That night I found my passion again. It’s dad’s death, it’s a lot of contributors, it’s my sobriety, it was all the things that the bad times I had that knocked me down a peg I had to find it again and I have, it’s good.”

“I had not worked for about six months and he’s young, everybody is so much faster and quicker and I’m older, but Cody’s a lot like me with his style of telling a story and just taking your time and letting things gradually, organically present itself to the people in a story setting.”

While Cody Rhodes has since returned to WWE to finish his story, Dustin Rhodes remains part of AEW and has recently found a tag team partner in Keith Lee.

h/t WrestlingInc