Update On WWE Morale After Vince McMahon’s Return

Vince McMahon WWE Gorilla Position Triple H

A new report has given further insight in to what happened at last night’s WWE, and the frustrations now seemingly felt by much of the talent at Vince McMahon’s involvement.

Ahead of the 3rd April 2023 edition of Monday Night Raw, it was announced that WWE had sold to Endeavor and that Vince McMahon would now be Chairman Of The Board for the company. Despite assurances to the contrary both on screen and backstage, it was very quickly noted that McMahon was involved once again in the creative direction of WWE.

A new report from Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful has indicated quite how wide-sweeping the changes were on the show, and how it left many of the WWE superstars unhappy.

He noted that Vince McMahon had said earlier in the day he would be “in the weeds” with creative, and instead arrived last minute and made “sweeping changes that frustrated” a number of the superstars. Although it was not felt they were necessarily poor creative decisions, they felt like they came from a dishonest place.

The report went on to comment that there were set to be two women’s triple-threat matches as part of a tournament for a Raw Women’s Championship shot, however these were replaced with a tag team title contender match. Additionally, Bayley’s involvement was also cut.

Another example with this was seemingly Omos, who was added to a match last minute which he was unprepared for, being in catering and not having his wrestling attire with him – something which Vince McMahon had insisted on in the past given the way he could change the script.

Sapp went on to note that it’s unknown if the involvement of Vince McMahon will be continued, even for this Friday’s SmackDown. McMahon had been in Los Angeles anyway for WrestleMania, whereas it’s not known yet if he will head to Portland for the blue brand and take up position in gorilla again. If he does, it would be seen as a “huge negative sign to talent and staff”.

The report concluded by noting that at least two talent that they would probably request their release if Vince McMahon stays involved, whilst others would look to explore what their options were if he does stick around.