Worrying Update On Injury R-Truth Suffered On NXT

WWE medical team helps R-Truth on WWE NXT 2022

A new report has shed light on the injury prognosis for R-Truth, who appeared to suffer a serious leg injury on the recent WWE NXT episode.

R-Truth wrestled his first NXT match in over a decade on the brand’s November 1 episode, facing Grayson Waller in a losing effort. The loss only came, however, due to referee stoppage when the former United States Champion went down with an injury.

The injury was a result of Truth attempting a somersault dive. He failed to clear the ropes properly, landing hard on his back and clutching at his leg immediately afterwards. WWE’s medical team subsequently helped him to the back.

Writing in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer speculated on what the injury diagnosis may be for R-Truth, believing a torn quad may have been suffered:

“R-Truth was injured on the 11/1 NXT show doing a flip dive against Grayson Waller. He didn’t quite clear the top rope on the move and came down badly and his left leg was gone. This wasn’t confirmed at press time, but the belief was that he tore his quad, which is a very serious injury that could keep him out for a long time.”

Traditional recovery time for a torn quad takes around four months to heal, though this is without factoring in rehabilitation for ensuring R-Truth is ring-ready again. As such, there’s no official timetable for his return to WWE.

R-Truth’s appearance on NXT marked the latest in a series of random appearances made by the 50-year-old. For instance, Monday Night Raw’s October 24 broadcast saw him wrestle his first match on the red brand since July, defeating The Miz in the process.