World Title Match Announced For AEW Dynamite

world title jon moxley aew

For the second week in a row, Jon Moxley will have to defend the AEW World Title on Dynamite after an announcement made by Tony Khan.

Jon Moxley is known as a fighting babyface AEW World Champion, which is what makes him a beloved figure to fans of the promotion. Moxley is also very committed to seeing AEW thrive since he recently signed a five-year contract extension as well.

It was announced by AEW’s Owner, President, and General Manager Tony Khan on Twitter that Moxley will defend the AEW World against Penta El Zero Miedo on the October 26th edition of Dynamite.

Much like Moxley, Penta has been with AEW since they started in 2019 and has had a lot of success in AEW. Penta held the AEW Tag Team Titles with his brother Rey Fenix (together they are known as the Lucha Brothers) and Penta is currently a co-holder of the AEW Trios Tag Team Titles as part of the Death Triangle group with Pac and Rey Fenix.

This will be the second week in a row where Moxley defends the AEW World Title because he had a highly anticipated match against “Hangman” Adam Page on the special Tuesday, October 18th episode of Dynamite from Moxley’s hometown of Cincinnati.

Unfortunately, the match between Moxley and Hangman was not a World Title classic due to Hangman suffering a concussion during the match. The concussion happened when Moxley delivered a lariat to a running Hangman, who did the flip bump that a lot of wrestlers do after doing that spot. However, when Hangman landed, he landed right on his head on the mat and it knocked him out immediately. The good thing is that AEW’s head referee Paul Turner and Dr. Sampson checked on Hangman right away, called off the match and Hangman was taken away on a stretcher. Hangman is expected to be okay after some rest and hopefully will return to the ring when he’s cleared to compete again.

If Moxley gets by Penta then he will have a big name challenger for the AEW World Title when MJF faces Moxley at AEW Full Gear on November 19th.