Willow Nightingale “Would Love” To Face Mercedes Mone Again

Mercedes Mone vs. Willow Nightingale

Willow Nightingale won the first major title of her career from Mercedes Mone – and would love to be across the ring from her again.

Mercedes Mone has been out of action since the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship defense where Nightingale picked up the title – although her appearance in the crowd at AEW All In may be an indication that a return is closer and where one of her major destinations may be.

In a media scrum during the recent Starrcast VI event, Willow Nightingale discussed what facing someone like Mone meant.

It was very exciting. I think any time you get the opportunity to work outside, I don’t wanna say your comfort zone, because AEW definitely – I wouldn’t say is a comfort zone, I’m constantly wanting to push myself and be the best version of myself.

The women within there, I’m a little bit more used to, working with their styles, the way that they think and having the opportunity to work with Mercedes [Mone], somebody who has had a big imprint on the way women’s wrestling is today – first, it was a little bit shocking when I found out.

Secondly, it was very much an honor. I think working with her was awesome, I would love to do it again if I were to have the opportunity.

“Very Exciting” Period Following Nightingale’s Title Win

Continuing on, Willow Nightingale opened up on how winning the gold turned out to be the start of a very exciting period for her career.

Wrestling her, and winning the NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship, set me up for a very exciting few months. Being able to defend that, being a champion is constantly putting yourself out and defending that, showing why you are a champion and why you’re worthy of it and I believe that I did that.

I had a great time going over to Japan to wrestle Guila, who is an amazing competitor. She’s somebody else that I’d really love to wrestle again. I had that momentum going into the Owen Hart Cup Tournament, main eventing against Athena and it was really these big moments one after the other and I feel like that set that stone into motion.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.