William Regal Explains Scrapped Kurt Angle Feud

William Regal King of the Ring

AEW star William Regal has reflected on his earlier career in WWE and the abandoned plans for a major singles feud with WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle.

William Regal has seen and done nearly everything in his long and varied wrestling career. Speaking on his Gentleman Villain podcast, Regal reflected on the one time he squared off with Kurt Angle on a WWE live event in the emotional aftermath of 9/11:

“I did do the, two weeks after 9/11, I did a show for all the rescue workers’ families at Madison Square Garden which was an honour to do on this Sunday afternoon. And it was the one and only singles match of myself and Kurt Angle. And I remember then there was a lot of USA [chants] when I started going into it then. And it’s just me, there’s something in my brain that leaves a sensible part of Darren in the dressing room when it comes to getting heat, but it wasn’t really that kind of match and that was the one that I tore the hole in my bicep there.”

“I did something with Kurt and it went ping and tore my bicep and I believe we should have gone on to have a programme together, and I took two weeks off and I never got it fixed, and when I came back he’d moved on and when we only had a few little things in tags, so we never got to [wrestle a singles match again].”

“Believe me, if I’d got Kurt Angle, Olympic gold medalist and you put an Englishman who was not frightened, the quality of the wrestling would have been something else. The amount of heat we could have got off that, with me willing to wrestle an Olympic gold medalist. It would have been a lot worse than me saying John Wayne was a draft dodger when I did in 94. And that getting a lot of the heat with Dusty Rhodes, because he was a big John Wayne fan. I would, I would have gone full at it, I mean full at it if that if I’d have been given the opportunity.”

William Regal also recently claimed that he was almost shot on one occasion for not knowing his American history.

h/t Inside The Ropes