Will Ospreay Had Fantastic Rival Offer Before Signing With AEW

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Will Ospreay rejected a huge offer from elsewhere before signing with AEW.

At Full Gear, Will Ospreay was revealed as AEW’s latest big-money signing. Ospreay’s contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling is due to expire in February 2024, and with that in mind, the Brit became one of the most in-demand stars on the planet.

While it was no secret WWE was interested in signing the star, there were also rumours of a deal with IMPACT Wrestling, soon to become TNA. Speculation only heightened when Will Ospreay himself said he wanted to compete in a TNA ring in 2024.

It’s now been reported by Mike Johnson of PWInsider that IMPACT actually made a “fantastic, massive offer” in a bid to land the star. The deal was said to be at the “seven-figure level” and the biggest made to a single star since Anthem took control of the promotion.

The report adds that some talent expected Ospreay to join the company given how positive he was during his latest run.

IMPACT Wrestling also made a serious attempt to sign CM Punk before the star went back to WWE.

How Long Is Will Ospreay Staying With AEW?

It’s believed that Will Ospreay has signed a three-year deal with AEW. However, the deal isn’t quite that black and white. The British star is still expected to work some NJPW dates, much like other AEW talents.

Although Ospreay was said to be open to moving to the United States, it’s believed he will remain living in the UK.