Will Ospreay Names Major WWE Name He Would Love To Wrestle

Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay is willing to work with someone in WWE with whom he has a storied past…despite the two having never wrestled before.

Many fans regard Will Ospreay as one of the best wrestlers active today, if not the best. Despite being only thirty years old, Ospreay already has an extensive catalogue of incredible matches and accolades under his belt.

Because of all the praise he has gotten in recent years, some fans have started calling him the best wrestler…which got him some rather unwanted attention from WWE’s Seth Rollins.

Some years ago, Rollins and Ospreay got into a heated exchange on Twitter over status as wrestlers, bank accounts, and so on. At the time, Rollins was Universal Champion and found himself in a position to defend WWE no matter what, but his fervor and language choice in doing so made him look bad in the eyes of many fans.

It appears that both Seth Rollins and Will Ospreay are past that little argument; in fact, Ospreay named Rollins specifically as one person in WWE that he really wants to wrestle after that topic came up in an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

“I think it’s gotta be Seth after like, after our little Twitter thing like we’ve got to, like, it’d be fun. And he is so over right now. You see the crowd like singing the song everything, it’s mad. Yeah, especially from like, what he was getting like when we had our little thing, and like but like that was a mixture of like, the bad booking and everything along those lines at that time and like now he’s just, it’s crazy. It’s mad.”

h/t Inside The Ropes for the transcription