Will Ospreay Hints He’s Not Got Long Left In Wrestling

Will Ospreay

New Japan Pro Wrestling star Will Ospreay has hinted that he has more matches behind him than in front of him as injury issues take their toll.

Ospreay has been out of action in recent weeks after suffering an injury that saw the former IWGP World Champion have to withdraw from the New Japan Cup. Ospreay is scheduled to be part of a four-man tournament to find a number one contender for Kenny Omega’s IWGP US Champion with the winner of that tournament possibly meeting Omega at Forbidden Door in June.

Taking to social media, Will Ospreay was in reflective mood after receiving medical clearance to compete again and hinted that he might not be long for the wrestling ring saying that “this ride’s not gonna be a long one”:

“Alright guys, I just pulled up out of my gym and I just wanna do a video because I think it’s better than doing a notes app. I got medically cleared two days ago and it’s a weird one, I’ve seen my physio now for about five weeks, I’ve got the range of motion back in my arm. The strength is there somewhat but because I was able to complete four strength exercises apparently I’m medically cleared.

“It does feel a lot better I still feel like there is a lot of weakness in my arm which the sensible answer is to take a little bit more time off. Over the last 48 hours, I’ve just been reminiscing and thinking about my 11 year career. It’s been incredible but the one thing that’s been constant, especially in these last few years is that the injuries have stacked up a lot more recently.

“It’s because I’m getting older as well, it’s because I’m getting heavier but because of that the move set I started with when I was 22 years old has kind of vanished and disappeared. It’s not out of choice, it’s just my body can’t do it anymore.”

Will Ospreay continued by adding that it’s upsetting that the style he chose to use in the ring is now causing him so many difficulties and says he hopes fans enjoy what’s left of “the ride”:

“I can’t perform a Shooting Star Press safely anymore so I’ve decided that it’s best to cut it out. I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I feel like my body and me personally are deteriorating in front of everyone’s eyes. It kind of is really upsetting and it’s because I chose to do this style. I understand the risks that come with this style but it suits me down to a T and I think everyone enjoys it.

“So having said that I don’t know if this ride’s gonna be a long one if everyone understands what I mean. But then I think – I’m from Essex, I didn’t think I’d reach this far in my career anyway so I’m just gonna enjoy myself and hope for the best. I am gonna have to change things up a lot but I am gonna compete, I am gonna come back and I am gonna – to the best of my abilities – to do this as much as I physically can. I don’t know how long this ride’s gonna be, to be honest with you guys. I hope you guys enjoy the ride.”

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