Will Ospreay Says AEW All In Match Completely Down To Trust

will ospreay aew all in entrance

Will Ospreay has lifted the lid on his relationship with Tony Khan.

At Full Gear, Will Ospreay signed with AEW — agreeing to join the promotion when his deal with NJPW expires in February 2024. Ospreay has a long-standing relationship with the company and wrestled in AEW on multiple occasions in 2023.

Speaking in a new interview with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated, Ospreay discussed his relationship with AEW boss Tony Khan, whom he first met four years ago.

“At the time, Tony asked what I was interested in doing next in my career. I said my focus was on Japan, and he respected that. I’ll always remember how he respected how I felt.

I also need to mention that night was the only singles match I’ve ever wrestled against PAC–that’s something I want to throw out there so we can run it back and put it to rest between us.”

The British star went on to reflect on his appearance at All In at Wembley Stadium where he defeated Chris Jericho. Ospreay explained that the deal came down to his trust in Khan.

“People need to remember this–since then, I’ve built a trust and respect with Tony. That’s very important to me. When Tony had me work matches for AEW, like I did this summer at All In at Wembley Stadium, he didn’t have to do that.

He trusted me. That meant the world to me. Now that I’m coming to AEW, I trust him with the aura of Will Ospreay and the character of Will Ospreay. Tony Khan has genuinely changed my life. In return, I am going to deliver the best matches I can deliver,”

WWE Legend Believes Will Ospreay Made The Right Call

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Booker T discussed Will Ospreay’s recent signing with AEW.

Booker explained that Ospreay has likely signed an incredibly lucrative deal with AEW that will help set him up for life when he retires. The veteran added that the most important thing to take from wrestling is being able to look after your family.