Wild NXT Tag Team Championship Match Sees Title Change, Reversal

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And still NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions! Kayden Carter and Katana Chance!

During WWE NXT on Tuesday night, current NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter and Katana Chance squared off against Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark in their defense of their titles.

With each passing match, it seems that Carter and Chance get more and more aggressive, and tonight was no different in their bout against Lyons and Stark. Originally a flashy duo, they still have those skills in them, however, their aggression continues to ratchet up, and tonight with it being babyface vs. babyface, they stuck out as the heels in this bout.

When the match cut to a commercial break, Lyons and Stark were in firm control of the match, however, the champions of Carter and Chance would regain control while ads were still playing. That’s when the back-and-forth really started in the bout, with Lyons once regaining control when commercials were over.

Starks would nearly win the match for her team on a few occasions, but Carter and Chance wouldn’t go away. After clotheslining Carter out of the squared circle, Stark jumped over the rumors to get Chance back into the ring. When Starks does, she then places a schoolgirl on Chance, giving Stark the pinfall and the victory.

And new NXT Women’s Tag Team Cham…

The celebration of Stark and Lyons wouldn’t last long, and their reign as WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions wouldn’t be a reign at all. Instead, a second referee, who was a “head referee,” would come into the ring after the match and would overturn the win. As a result, the ring announcer would forced to announce the continuation of the match.

When the bout restarted, a slugfest would break out. Later, Lyons would nearly get the victory for her duo, again, but her near pinfall would be broken out of. Eventually, Carter and Chance would take break control of the fight, landing their finisher on Lyons, and that would seal the deal for them to gain the win and retain their championships.

And still NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions! Kayden Carter and Katana Chance!