Why Drew McIntyre Blames Himself For WWE WrestleMania Disaster

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Drew McIntyre is in line for a shot at the World Heavyweight Title in the future but he can’t help but give advice to the current champion Damian Priest.

At WrestleMania 40, Drew McIntyre suffered a career’s worth of moments in the space of five minutes. McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins to win the World Heavyweight Championship but spent too long taunting CM Punk who had been on commentary for that match.

An irate and one-armed Punk attacked McIntyre, allowing Damian Priest to storm to the ring and cash in his Money In The Bank contract on McIntyre and leave Philadelphia with the gold.

If McIntyre was mad at the world before, he is positively irate now with most of his anger still directed at CM Punk. Damian Priest offered McIntyre a shot at his title when the Scottish star is medically cleared to compete again and it seems Drew McIntyre will challenge for that title in his home country.

Taking to social media after his brief appearance on Raw, Drew McIntyre sent a video message to Damian Priest and claimed Priest was trying to spin the truth about McIntyre’s recent run of bad luck:

Management and Adam Pearce think they can silence me. They should already know, I’m Drew McIntyre, and I am very, very good at this. I’m always one step ahead of everybody. Bring me to the show, try not to put me on TV. No, I’ll force my way on TV, and in the end, I got this platform that’s growing. I will weaponize it, and I will say what I want, when I want. There’s not a damn thing you can do to stop me.

So as I was saying on Raw, it’s all falling apart for you, [Damian] Priest. You lost control of your little emo group. You’ve got people coming for you, and you’ve barely even started with all the extracurricular that comes with being the guy. I’m having to do that for you. This is very much my locker room. Always has been. My turf, where I grew up, and I’m the champion, whether I got the title right now or not. It’s just a matter of time before I get that title back.

You made one good point last week though. It wasn’t about getting attacked from behind by that bitch CM Punk, it wasn’t about leaving right away after the match, which I should have done, even though I literally spelled out what I planned to do, looking for your cheap pops. It certainly wasn’t about recycling the same joke Sheamus made already, getting your ass beat by the one-arm man [fake laughs].

Again, spinning things, looking for that cheap pop, just like him. No, I gave you the blueprint on how to cash in. Look what happened? You ran with it, you won. So in a way, Drew McIntyre beat Drew McIntyre. It didn’t matter who was holding the briefcase because I’m such leader and honest to my own detriment at times with my advice.

Drew McIntyre Wanted To Defeat The “Real Champion”

Drew McIntyre continued telling Priest the truth about why he was so adamant that The Judgment Day star didn’t cash in his Money In The Bank on Seth Rollins:

But here’s the truth. I didn’t want you to beat Seth. I made that very clear, no matter how you want to spin it. Watch the footage back. I hate explaining myself, but society has such short attention spans these days, I literally need to.

I wanted to beat the real champion, the man who made the title. So credit where credit is due, just because I think you’re spreading yourself way too thin. Again, more advice that might hurt me in the future, you’re not the man that Raw needs as champion right now. Not the world champion. It doesn’t mean I don’t value you. Quite the opposite in fact.

You’re a specimen, a beast in the ring. You’ve shown you more than belong, and I’ve got a place for you on my show, right near the top. Right up there. Unfortunately, you reached your peak right around the same time Drew McIntyre started to reach his. That’s it. See you soon, champ.

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