Why AEW Star Won’t Be Wrestling In The Company Revealed

Tony Khan AEW

One AEW star is back after a brief time away but has revealed why they won’t be taking to the ring in the company again.

Back in November 2023, QT Marshall announced he was leaving All Elite Wrestling.. The news caught many by surprise given that Marshall had held numerous positions backstage as well as working as an on-screen talent.

Shortly after Marshall confirmed his departure, it was reported that the star had “expressed frustrations” backstage with the direction the company was heading, and wanted to work more as a wrestler instead of an executive.

However, to the surprise of many QT Marshall returned to AEW in February 2024 and will solely be focussing his efforts on his backstage role as a Vice President in the company.

QT Marshall Explains Absence From AEW Ring

Marshall confirmed that he was backstage at the 24th of February Collision with a new promo shot shared on social media that shows him in incredible shape and clearly ready to go in the ring. When one fan suggested he was now too cut to be part of the upcoming Meat Madness at Revolution, Marshall explained why he won’t be wrestling again in AEW:

I’m not wrestling at AEW. The fans didn’t like me out there so I’m going to wrestle everywhere else. I’m a man of the people.

QT Marshall will still be wrestling outside of AEW and reports suggested his deal with Tony Khan’s company allowed him to wrestle anywhere except WWE.