Which WWE Hall Of Famer Once Powerbombed An Exotic Dancer?

Which WWE Hall Of Famer Once Powerbombed An Exotic Dancer?

All Japan Pro Wrestling legend Taiyo Kea shared an amusing and unconventional story involving the late WWE Hall of Famer, Dr Death Steve Williams.

The tale unfolded in Osaka, Japan, at a renowned strip club named Club La-Shante. In an episode of the Café de Rene with Rene Dupree podcast, Kea recounted an incident that showcased Williams’s playful demeanour, revealing that the legendary wrestler engaged in a lighthearted powerbombing episode with a stripper.

The strip club boasted a diverse array of foreign performers, hailing from countries such as Russia and Brazil. According to Kea, Williams set the stage by arranging two couches together before executing the powerbomb, ensuring the stripper’s safety with a gentle landing. Reflecting on the peculiar incident, Kea recalled:

I remember him powerbombing a stripper. It was in Osaka, it was called Club La-Shante. They had a lot of foreign girls like Russian, Brazilian, that type of mixture. They had couches, and I think he put the couches together and then boom! I mean, he didn’t bring her down hard.

Beyond his playful interactions with exotic dancers, Williams’s playful side extended to other realms. Kea mentioned that Williams would occasionally showcase his immense strength by lifting and pressing individuals, including unsuspecting Japanese reporters.

The other thing he used to do was he used to press ’em, I remember him doing it to some Japanese reporter.

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